LifeQuest Services Capabilities

LifeQuest Services is a national billing, delinquent account collecting and data management services company that services more than 230 municipalities including the Territory of Guam. We have been processing healthcare reimbursement accounts for municipalities since 1992. We combine seasoned, expert Certified Professional Collection Specialist (CPCS through ACA International), with state of the art technology, fine-tuned business processes and results driven methodologies.

Our collection manager’s expertise covers various areas in finance and collection industries and has served as Director of the Wisconsin Collector’s Association. Our CEO worked for a decade at Sallie Mae – one of the nation’s largest loan collectors and re-categorized IRS, the nation’s leading tax/debt provider. Our client partnership results attest to our excellent compliance, procedures, account and record keeping results. Our customer longevity and breadth demonstrates our ability to create successful business partnerships.

We are a nationwide collection agency and have the ability to service consumers in most states. We have clients in 20 states across the US. Below is a map view of our current client partners’ states representing 26+ years of national and international experience.

Getting Results

“The cooperation and respect your people show your customers makes me wonder why there should ever be any competitors for you.”

-WI Client