Industries Served


Government agencies are driven by financial successes. In order to have a strong state, municipal or county government, recovery efforts must be maximized by senior collection agents who understand the importance of treating constituents as valued members of the community.


Medical debt is different from other forms of debt because it is usually incurred accidentally or faultlessly. It is important to keep this in mind as the patients aren’t usually expecting the expense. LifeQuest Services has been providing healthcare debt collection services for over 25 years and excels at compassionate collection services.


Financial debt is a funding arrangement between a business and a financial institution. This type of debt is typically used to fund major capital expenditures and or cover operational costs that the company may otherwise be unable to afford. LifeQuest Services’ senior collection agents have an average of 15 years experience. We understand how to collect financial debt and bring our clients stellar recovery rates.

General Commercial

Business to Business (B2B) delinquent debt can often require legal action against the business debtor. Understanding how business work and the role of the contracts is key when collecting commercial debt. Our trained staff of senior collection agents listen to the clients and construct a strategy to receive payment. This is what makes LifeQuest Services revenue recovery rate so high.

Higher Education

With today’s difficult job market and high tuition rates, recent grads are likely to need payment plans to pay off their debt. Payment plans help debtors stay on track and out of delinquent status. If a payment plan falters, our senior collection agents are able to follow-up quickly and get the debtor back on track.


“One call does it all, flexibility of your staff. Returned calls and emails in short order and entire staff is a pleasure to talk to.”

-WI Client