Audit Services

LifeQuest’s audit services are designed to identify specific ways for our client partners to increase revenue and decrease write-offs. Our audit team reviews Medicare and Medicaid claims to provide valuable feedback on compliance.

Feedback from our audits includes analysis of:

  • Appropriate base rate, mileage, and ICD-10 or condition codes
  • Appropriate level of service
  • Emergency/non-emergency criteria
  • Medical necessity and reasonableness
  • Appropriate and valid paperwork obtained
  • Appropriate charges billed
  • And more!
As an added benefit, LifeQuest’s Medicare and Medicaid audits qualify to meet the Internal Auditing requirements recommended by CMS.
“The internal auditors should be independent from the contractor’s management team and competent to identify potential issues within the critical review areas. The auditors should have access to existing audit resources, relevant personnel and all relevant operational areas…”  – U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Manual Compliance Program Guidance for Medicare Fee-for Service Contractor.